Red Chilli &Green Chilli


Red Chilli

Apart from its uses in cooking, it has medicinal uses as well. It helps in digestion, it develops blood and is a very rich source of vitamin C, which helps in developing the immune system. It is used as spray weapon also for keeping away attackers and mobsters.Chilli crop grows well in deep loamy fertile soil with appropriate moisture content. Best time for sowing chilies is between April and June, i.e. in hot and humid weather. But dry weather is required at the time of harvesting. Major chilli growing countries are India, China, Ethiopia, Myanmar, Mexico, Vietnam, Peru, Pakistan, Ghana, and Bangladesh. These countries produce approximately 85% of the total red chilli in the world. Chilli is a fruit which belongs to Capsicum genus. It has many varieties which are differentiated on its pungency measured on Scoville Scale.  



Green Chilli

A spice without which Indian cuisine would be incomplete, the most common variety of chilli used apart from red is the green. These are used with or without the stalks, whole or chopped, with seeds or deseeded. They are used fresh, dried, powdered, pickled or in sauces. Though not used in excess just a touch of green chilli is enough to make the dish spicy. Green chilli usually blended with ginger and garlic, is very popularly used as masala in Indian household.  




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Green Chilli 

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1) smooth, nature light yellow skin and red skin

2) good quality, fresh

3) top grade, suitable for exporting all over the world

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All year round.

Fresh season: from January to April,

Cold storage season: from August to November

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2 month

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60 mm UP


Transporting and store in cold storage temperature



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Within one week after payment received

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